Sunday 18 April 2021

The Why & the WTF In the Plannedemic, According to Me


For those still watching things unfold, are you noticing that those who are pro-reset, pro-lockdown, pro-pandemic freezing in fright ... are the wealthy, the high profile, the politicians, corporations etc?

Why would that be?

If you're unsure of your stance, look to whom promotes what & dig in to why they would promote it.

The wealthy elite see that with enough hard work & elbow grease, WE can succeed so they're moving the goal posts.

They know that we can gather & invoke change in regulation.


They know that we can educate one another to see the fraud they commit.


They know that when we are in groups; we feel bolder stronger bigger in all ways.


We've never really taken the preventions seriously & as people who work at home rave and rant about masking or non-masking, they do so with zero empirical knowledge--they don't know what it's like to talk with a mask on for 8 hours a day.

How about lunch rooms or teacher lounges?  Are all the teachers keeping their masks on?

To this day & for the last year, store clerks have been removing their masks the second the custy leaves the store.

Our local reps met and had a photo op without a mask on.


Masking has kept the cold down no doubt but honestly, they are more a tool of compliance and SEPARATION.  This is proven by the fact that a pair of underwear would suffice as a mask.

Think about how many people the average teacher or teacher's assistant comes in contact with each day.  How many go grocery shopping afterwards?  

Think about how many kids our kids come in contact with each day. 

Amplify it if you have kids at more than one school.  So now, mom and dad and both kids come together to smash bubbles only to get up in the morning to smash more bubbles together. 

<It's like when they used to say having sex with one person was having sex with all of their previous partners.  If the fearmongering is correct, the kids and the teachers should really by their own logic, be the ones getting sick>

But they're not.

And I know it seems I'm picking on the teachers but I'm only using them as an example in order to warn them of the ONE TEACHER PROVINCE OF ONTARIO.

What if they're allowing this to happen so they can justify at-home learning only with ONE TEACHER FOR EVERY PROVINCE.

Now that's a money saver eh Dougie?  

The demographics most affected are those that cost the Government & the wealthy elites who control them, money.

What if we have nothing to do with the spread?


They only began after the injecting began.

I woke up remembering this video of Billy & Melinda talking about how he miraculously predicted this pandemic & then ensuring that we'll all take notice during wave #3

Why the eff would they giggle about something like this?   

If the video has reset, you'll want to go to 6:43 to see what I'm referring to.  

Occam's Razor friends ... for me the easiest thing to believe is that Gates had a large part in this plannedemic.

Even my psychotherapist admits that many people have gotten very very wealthy right now.  Follow the strings that bind those people to your Government.

Galen Weston is no doubt wants the reset.

Why would that be?  Why would he want us to have less?  

Doesn't that compute to us buying less? 

It's that spreadsheet yo!!!  

Money out or money in--Robots don't cost a thang!

We keep blaming incompetence but it's all just part of the planning.  Even the fact that we accept incompetence has been engineered by donkeys in positions of power & by opinion surpassing fact and evidence.

I see this so clearly now.

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