Monday 5 April 2021

Be the Change -- Stop Buying Disposable Vape Pens!


This is a disposable Cannabis vape pen and the battery that is inside it. These are deemed disposable now and have taken the place of the coffee pod and the water bottle as the 'thing' we use to destroy our planet.

Even if you think you're recycling them, you're not. They are deemed hazardous material & as such are not recyclable. 

And as if the plastic and/or metal pen isn't bad enough, the battery itself is a Lithium Ion Polymer batter that is RECHARGEABLE as well. I was unable to find this exact battery online but a friend sent me a pic of the .33 gram vape pen that he bought and the Lithium battery that was inside it. He states that with proper breakdown, this battery could be recharged as many times as a cell phone battery.

The way to be the change is to STOP BUYING THEM.

It's very simple.  Stop the demand and you'll stop the supply. As we all plan our floral, vegetable, and herbal gardens we learn about the soil. Most people seek Mycorrhizae which is the word for the relationship created between plant and soil microbes.

Well friends, Lithium does not feed the Mycorrhizae. It kills it. Completely.

#BeTheChange #ItsInYou #DemandBetter #SoilMatters #Lithium #Recycle #ClimateEmergency

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