Saturday 10 April 2021

New Rule: Less Talk About Vaccines; More Talk About Canadians You Can Help!


I'm fatigued with hearing Michelle Rempel complain that Justin Trudeau has failed. As much as I have enjoyed hearing her see through his sunny way'd phonyness, it's taking airtime away from more important topics effecting Canadians.

JT hasn't failed the people he's meant to lift up.

He's doing exactly what the plan says he's to do.  He's following the messaging, complying with the planning as it comes.

I'm so so tired of hearing us talk about the vaccines.





-Financial Disparity

-Evictions, Renevictions, Corrupt, Complacent, & Ignorant Landlords.

-Mental Health disorders

-Rising Food Costs 

-Rising Medicine Costs

-Rising Real Estate costs --ya, that's not a great thing!

-Suicides being recorded as covid deaths

-Small business bankruptcies

-Seniors sleeping in shitty pants.

-Cancer patients not being able to get treatment because they're not as valuable to the hospital as a covid patient is.

-The conflict of interest that is MP Mark Gerretsen running a rental company with some of the highest rents in a city that's in a housing crisis.

There are many other things to discuss.

But those things don't matter to them I guess.

Dear Michelle & others speaking truth to corruption right now ... you're missing a huge opportunity to get more support.

Signed:  Sad but brave in #Kingston #ygk 

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