Tuesday 13 April 2021

I Support Independent MPP Randy Hillier


I really have to giggle at the people who see others as not acting on their own volition when they do similar things to activists like Randy Hillier.

Everyone is blaming that one person and I get it. He's the one in the position of influence here but it's a little bit disrespectful to all of those people that agree with him to believe that they're zombies following his lead, dontcha think?

We're all really surprised suddenly that others have free thought, have the ability to dig in to the research and the studies and the narrative that's being pushed at us.

People like myself who respect and appreciate Randy Hillier are not following him blindly like he's a Pied Piper.  We take part in, promote, and defend his actions because we too believe what he believes and that is that we are being manipulated by the elite and the UN.

I mean this isn't a great shock considering that the country responsible for human rights in the UN is Saudi Arabia.  Honestly the minute I learned that was the minute that I stopped listening to or respecting the UN.

 Saudi Arabia cuts sexual organs off of their women so they are not an expert on human rights. That along with all of the other misogynistic things that they do and rules that they have are your sign that the world is upside down and that you should not listen to that authority figure.

Dear Randy Hillier .... Keep pushin brother. 


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