Tuesday 6 April 2021

Regarding These Shots: I Choose Me


I grew up with depression.  One of my earliest memories of having this thing is of hiding in the school yard away from everyone else because my bff Dina was sick that day.

I have worked so so SO hard to have mental wellness.

NOTHING about that struggle was easy as so many of you can concur.

Because of this fact, I choose me and my health.

I choose what's best for me. I weigh the risk and I make the decision.

I will not get any of the shots they call "vaccinations" no matter how much shame they throw at me.

I will never comply.

Friends with chronic illness ... imagine if your illness got worse. 

Why risk it? Why when so many of you have worked so hard and come so far why?

I pray that you choose YOU the way I have chosen me. If after doing your research, you feel that accepting it IS choosing you then so be it. 

But they want us to believe that we are disease spreaders UNTIL we are vaccinated.  

The shaming and the 'do it for your neighbor' pressure has already started.

People are dying after getting these shots.

I choose me & I hope that you choose you.

Shame is the strongest negative frequency we can feel.

I am now teflon to your shame.

Because I am proud to finally love myself enough to choose ME.

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